Francesco Brunello

Rosita + Jonas

Villa Paradeisos - Varese

Getting ready

If you look over the wall that runs alongside Villa Paradeisos, in the heart of Varese, you can only guess but don’t imagine so much beauty. Entering the park of the Villa, you are faced with a true spectacle of nature. Numerous statues of the era and a stone theater containing arboreal monuments. Then a spectacular view of the lake and the Alps, a breathtaking panorama like the one you can see from Castello Durini which hosted the marriage of Alessandro and Alessandra. Inside the park, there is a small Japanese garden, which tells of the love for the Japanese culture of the owners.

An imposing complex, whose original layout dates back to the mid-1800s, which immediately brings us back to that era and to the Art Deco style that characterized the abodes of the lords of the time. Wood-paneled ceilings, large antique stucco fireplaces, tapestries, décor ceiling and decorative objects from different parts of the world and from different eras.

I had not yet met Rosita and Jonas.
She is a typical charming girl from southern Italy. He with light eyes and blond hair has the typical traits of northern Europe.

Rosita is waiting for us in the master bedroom meanwhile her bridesmaids are careful that everything goes the right way. Jonas, in a hotel not far from Villa Paradeisos, is ready to wear his suit with his two witnesses.

This marriage tells of a mix of cultures, tastes, colors, languages ​​and even places. Jonas’s father, unfortunately, could not attend the celebration. He followed the whole ceremony live by Skype, smiling and getting excited too.

Villa Paradeisos

Meanwhile, in the immense park, the staff of The White Rose has set up the tenso-structure that will host the guests. After the elegant set-up at the Borgo della Rocca for the wedding of Sara and Piero and the more rock one in total black by Matteo and Francesca, today, Monica and her staff, light up a myriad of stars above the heads of the guests.

Everything is ready. Games, surprises and toasts in Italian, Danish, German, Nigerian and even in Calabrese dialect to wish the new couple all the happiness they deserve!

Before unleashing the good music of the Sartoria della Musica, we are waiting for the cutting of the cake on the grand stairways of Villa Paradeisos.

And now, let’s start the party!

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