Francesco Brunello

Gaia + Francesco

Villa Arconati

Villa Arconti is called ‘the Little Versailles’: this is how she told me which location they had chosen.

I knew from the beginning that nothing would be left to chance. I have known Gaia for 7 years now, we work side by side every day and when, in telling me what she had in mind to organize for her wedding with Francesco, she told me that she wanted that day to be beautiful (underlining the concept of beauty, a a bit like that of Leon GianBattista Alberti that Valerio brought back during his marriage to Amanda) party for everyone and that brought everyone back to their beloved land, I knew she would have succeeded.

Among chili peppers, boxes of vegetables and fresh fruit, bunches of olive trees, ears of corn, illuminated rosettes and shovels of prickly pears, in an instant, Villa Arconati has transformed into the perfect location for celebrating traditional Italian festivals, those made from the hearts of people.

Diana’s avenue, in the immense park of Villa Arconati, set up for the occasion, transported everyone, including me, into another reality, made of laughter, hugs, toasts and tears of joy and, above all, of people; despite the rain, this is a day that we will all carry in our hearts.

Hip hip, hooray!


venue Villa Arconati
film Feelmore Videos
design&planner Bottega Creativa Italiana
bride dress Yoliah Spose
mua Ilaria Giada Andrezzi
groom dress Linneo
ring Sbarbori
food&bevarage New Team Banqueting
light VM Group
music Victor Music

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