Francesco Brunello

I tell you a secret:
everything that is kept with care became precious.

Memories, people, words, sound and even perfumes.

I tell you another secret: the heart is the home of memories.

Heart is a symbol of fragility, delicacy and strength, of independence and vulnerability. Black too.
It is the symbol of elegance and ambition but also reliability. It is the crack from which the light can be glimpsed, something unexplored and new.
Just ad white that is synonymous with space, light and infinity.

I have discovered that happiness is made up of little things.
I discovered that throwing rice dates back to a very ancient Chinese tradition: it is a wish for abundance and prosperity.
I’ve discovered that I can cherish those moments, those moments that make your legs shake, that break your voice and those that fill your eyes with tears – with joy, mind you!
I have discovered that I can make you relive the sensation of when we hear the sound of the sea waves by bringing a shell close to your ear: I have enclosed your story in a bottle to make you feel the people, words, sounds and scents of your story again.
I have also discovered that the memory of smells is very tenacious.
Sometimes we smell a perfume by chance and emotions and sensations immediately resurface in us: perfume allows us to travel with the mind and rediscover precisely those impressions of once upon a time. A reliving of sensations that until then were only a memory.

They are not simple photobook.
They are extraordinarily different.
A new type of album enters the scene.

This is the most modern vision of a photo book.
It has been redesigned from top to bottom.

From the crystal case ti the handmade Japanese-style binding, from the choice of of finishes to high-quality images printed on different types of paper.
You will be impressed at first sight.