Francesco Brunello

Nik e Chiara

Via Tortona

After the Design Week, Milan is transformed and is preparing to welcome the Bridal Week, which, like every year, gives us a privileged look at the trends that will shape the fashion panorama in the coming months. From billowing fabrics to bold silhouettes, each creation tells a story of innovation and sophistication. Along with Barcelona and New York, what makes Milan unique is its ability to blend tradition with modernity, creating a timeless style that adapts to the challenges of the future.

In the heart of the city, between Porta Genova and Via Tortona, between the busy streets and hidden corners of Milan, there is a unique atmosphere that blends the essence of the city with the latest visual trends: together with Nik and Chiara we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this fascinating world, capturing the essence of urban elegance.

From daring fashionistas to traditional brides, each person brings with them a unique story to share with the world: I always love to decipher the most hidden details, the most intimate ones, and tell them.

Milan is always an endless inspiration for those who are in constant search of beauty, in all its forms.


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