Francesco Brunello

Valerio e Amanda

Tabiano Castle

Halls frescoed with ancient stuccos, the charming little church a few steps from the Tabiano Castle, the aperitif in the garden while the sun sets over the Apennines, the dinner on the panoramic terrace, the party in the ancient cellars… the atmosphere, the details, the landscapes ¬†make Tabiano Castle the ideal setting for a perfect wedding day. Here “everything is silence and peace” one might say, paraphrasing Giacomo Leopardi: revealed why Amanda and Valerio choose this location for their wedding.

They grew up in the same town but didn’t meet until friends of friends invited them to a party.

‘Only’ three years have passed, but for Valerio, Amanda is the perfect half of the apple, the rational part that helps him manage him irrational part. Amanda, on the other hand, believes in Valerio’s values.

When Amanda and Valerio dreamed of their wedding at Tabiano Castle, they imagined it beautiful. By beautiful they meant the concept expressed by Leon Gianbattista Alberti during the Italian Renaissance.
Leon Battista Alberti defines beauty as “that reasoned harmony of all the parts in a body, so that nothing can be added, removed or altered”.

The team that worked for this wedding designed everything in every part so that everything was in the right place and beautiful. And how can we remember that mathematical beauty typical of the Italian Renaissance? The combination of gold, white and pink is what inspired the setup together with Giorgia, Giorgia Planner and Federica, The Blonde Flower! The combination of these two shades and the environments of the Tabiano Castle will prove successful. Red and gold embody both a contemporary taste and the evocative atmospheres of the past.

33 meters for the imperial table embellished with hundreds of torchons of white English roses, roses and powder, long tapered candles and gold-colored chandeliers that impressed everyone at Tabiano Castle: the arrangements become airy with pendant lamps and chandeliers that are impossible to miss see (and admire).

Magic happened at Tabiano Castle!


location / Tabiano Castle @castello_di_tabiano
event creator / Giorgia Planner @giorgia_planner
video-maker / DP Events @dpeventsvideomaker
mua/ @mbhairdesigners
bride / Milla Nova @millanova for The Brides of Milan @lesposedimilanoofficial
groom / Giorgio Armani @giorgioarmani + Cartier @cartier
flower / Federica Sottili @theblondeflower_
catering / Artevento Catering Experience  @artevento_catering
light / Thema Libero @themalibero

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