Francesco Brunello

Kati + Aleksi

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées - Stresa

At that time called Strixia, a parchment traces the beginning of the history of Stresa to 998.

A destination for intellectuals like Lord Byron, Stendhal and Dickens, Kati and Aleksi also wanted Stresa to be the backdrop for their wedding.

The Grand Hôtel Borromées was built right in Stresa, among the villages where the nobles stayed, among historic and wonderful breathtaking nineteenth-century villas. The Grand Hotel Borromées means charm, atmosphere and the magic of a past rich in history and traditions.

I first met Kati and Aleksi through a colleague. However, I want to bring you the etymological meaning of the word trust: with Kati I learned its value.

The word comes from the Latin fides, which means “recognition of the reliability of the other”, therefore it indicates something that is achieved in the field, which requires meeting and contact: trusting someone is an act in which we need to familiarize ourselves, to expose ourselves, to share, we need to test the loyalty of those in front of us.

Although by ‘contact’ we mean an email correspondent in different time zones, Kati and Aleksi, before deciding to entrust me with the task of photographing their promises of life together and the eyes of their guests full of tears, wanted I shared my thoughts, my photographic and life vision with them, and only after realizing that we spoke the same language – only then – they decide to expose themselves, choosing me.

Carriage, delicate gestures, refined and polite way of speaking: Kati and Aleksi thank you for your loyalty.

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