Francesco Brunello

Bikem + Sam

Isola del Garda

Just as I ‘met’ Alejandra and Dario, Bikem contacted me through Direct Instagram. She told me that she was impressed with my shots. She wanted me to be the photographer of their wedding on the Isola del Garda.

The temperature in Milan is very high. I am heartened to go to the lake, with the hope that there will be a little breeze to cool the air.

Sam is together with his witnesses in the hotel. Bikem is with all the ‘bride squad’. Sam’s witnesses all wear a bronze-colored tie like the dress of the Bikem bridesmaids. Sam, in an elegant cerulean tuxedo, is ready to go. Bikem, meanwhile, as tradition wants, waits eating pizza margherita!

The view from the lake is amazing. It leaves everyone speechless.
Isola del Garda owes its charm also to the extraordinary Venetian neo-Gothic villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli in the early 1900s. Italian terraces and gardens slope down to the lake making it an architectural structure renowned for its magnificence.

A ceremony full of emotions, speeches by each of the witnesses and the bridesmaids who remember fun moments spent in childhood together.
Immediately after a walk through the Italian gardens to admire essences, fruits and flowers that give harmonious strokes of color and perfumes.

When the light goes down, the reception room is ready and guests can go up to the upper terrace and be fascinated by the setting made of candles, fragrant flowers and lemons and by the view of the lake illuminated by the shores of all of Lake Garda.
And after a dinner to all guests know the flavors of good Italian cuisine, all on the track to go wild!

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