Francesco Brunello

Katheryna + Alberto

Castello degli Angeli - Carobbio degli Angeli

The dream is revealed.. becoming reality!

The Castle of the Angels is the ideal location to give life to dreams, like that of Alberto and Katheryna. A unique location, a fortress of medieval origin dating back to the tenth century and an immensity of verses that welcomed the guests of Alberto and Katheryna. Through the castle you can feel the energy that only buildings so old and rich in history can transmit. A place where the body meets the soul, where nature and tranquility lift up from modern life in a space to live to get excited.

Inside the Relais In Charme the two newly-weds get ready inside the luxurious suites before moving into the luxuriant Parco Piscina, where Angelo Lorenzi‘s staff had done magic.

Large peonies in all shades of pink combined with elegant gold-colored details have created magical material. The huge arch of flowers framed the couple during the effort in one, albeit civil, very exciting ceremony.

Finally the celebration of the wedding friends and relatives Alberto and Katherina at the swimming pool, here an imperial table set up ad hoc. Large chandeliers finished in gold, the splendor of color and scent of flowers echoed throughout the garden, and a mise en place to say the least fabulous.

And after the marriage of Loredana and Daniele and that of Cinzia and Carlo, Il Castello degli Angeli, it never disappoints us. Sara and her staff are always, always, a question the needs of all their customers. The castle of the Angels and its breathtaking view unique creations, for every kind of couple. The Castle, every time, always reserves beautiful surprises.

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