Francesco Brunello

Francesca + Matteo

Borgo della Rocca - Rocca Susella

Getting ready

Today, August 25th, is a warm, hot day, also at Borgo della Rocca. Men grumble from the first light of the morning to the idea of ​​having to wear shirt, jacket and tie and always remain composed and elegant with 35 ° C – average temperature of the month of August of our peninsula.

The alarm clock rings and the mobile phone too. Francesca is worried, the sky does not promise anything good for this day. It has not stopped raining, from the morning to the evening. Only in the late afternoon a timid ray of sunshine for some couple shots.

The theme of today’s wedding is black and the lowest common denominator is elegance. Francesca prepares herself under the watchful eyes of her grandfather. Then, the last touches, shoes with a vertiginous heel, a net veil, one retouched with lipstick and a few drops of perfume.

An old, strictly black, vintage car awaits for her and her father. Matteo is waiting for Francesca under a parade of open umbrellas.

At Borgo della Rocca

At the Borgo della Rocca the fog of the province of Pavia, in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese, on a day in full August creates an evocative atmosphere that we did not expect, but which gave Matteo and Francesca special shots.

In the inner room of the Borgo della Rocca, Monica and the staff of The White Rose event set up three tables arranged in a horseshoe shape. High black chandeliers, candles, white flowers, black chiavarine chair. Then a tableau de marriage with Matteo and Francesca’s little four-legged friends were the perfect mise en place for this wedding! As always, Valentina, wedding designer, Monica and and all the collaborators have created a dreamlike atmosphere, like the one they managed to recreate for Sara and Piero‘s wedding!

Everything is ready to celebrate and welcome with a great stadium roar – just like that of Matteo and Roberta at Il Nuovo Bosco – Matteo and Francesca. Speeches, thanks and big laughs before the exciting moment of cutting the cake. Now is the time to move to the other room: the DJ set has been set up and everyone can start the party!

Guys, have a great fun!

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