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Alessandra + Alessandro

Castello Durini - Como

I met Alessandra and Alessandro at Silvia and Leo‘s wedding last year at Tenuta Sant’Andrea, in Montorfano, in the province of Como.

Alessandra is a floral designer who, today, shares her days between the colorful and fragrant world of flowers and her little cute baby, Bianca. Alessandro is a dentist and at the end of the day he can’t wait to go home to his women.

Alessandra and Alessandro tell me, very honestly, that they do not believe much – or at least I do – in the strength of a photograph but are aware that today, thanks to little Bianca, certain moments are lived only once and that only photography can make them live again.

At the end of August Milan is deserted, the holidays are running out and we arrive quickly at Alessandro’s house.

Silence reigns in his parents’ house: only his mother and father are with him; he wants to prepare himself and relax before the witnesses and sister arrive for some toasts before going to church. Little Bianca opens the door to Alessandra’s parents house, with bare feet and nappy, holding the buffet cakes that Alessandra’s mother has prepared for her guests. Alessandra is almost ready to wear the dress of her dreams and tells us about her tailored dress from a stylist from Marche, just like Cristina, who had her dream dress sewn on by an Italian designer.

Simplicity and elegance are certainly the two words that characterize Alessandra and Alessandro, and even the little Bianca.

The church is ready, Alessandro has made his entrance and all the guests are waiting for little Bianca and Alessandra. Bianca, in her white and pink dress, just like her mother, accompanied by her cousins ​​makes her entrance and runs to Alessandro who, excited, could not wait to see them, splendid, in their dream dress.

And despite the fact that the weather outside the church is certainly not the best, the exciting exchange of the rings and the little Bianca cheered the minds of everyone present inside the church.

It’s time to move to Castello Durini, an historic mansion of charm that stands on a hill in the province of Como from where the view is breathtaking. Here, while we wait for the guests and take a walk for some ideas for the couple’s photos, we meet Katia, friend and wedding planner of the Casa dei Sapori, event agency in all of Lombardy for more than twenty years.

The sun, just at sunset, stands out among the gray clouds and while guests enjoy an aperitif in one of the halls of Castello Durini, the reception room is ready and set up for the dinner, turn into a dream that leave everyone breathless.

Alessandra and Alessandro don’t wait any longer, more beautiful than ever, with their most beautiful smile and the little Bianca at their side make their entrance: the party can now begin!


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