Francesco Brunello

Cara + Charles

Hotel Villa Cipressi - Varenna


You know, Italy is loved above all for its magnificent landscapes, and for its food.

When we arrive in Varenna, one of the most romantic villages on our peninsula, Cara is eating a big plate of pasta with pesto.

Charles and his friends soften the tension with few plunge into Como Lake.

Villa Cipressi

Villa Cipressi is extraordinary, the botanical gardens even more, and the view of the lake is a treasure chest that makes us immediately dream.

The exchange of promises, which Cara carefully copied in the morning, represent a very emotional moment. Charles does not hold back his tears while his friends and relatives are entranced by the two newlyweds and are immediately transported to a very romantic and suggestive dimension. The sun is about to set, the sky turns orange and the mountains in the background rise austere.

A walk through the path recreated inside the rock in the botanical garden of Hotel Villa Cipressi overlooking the lake for a few shots of the couple that leaves us too breathless.

It’s time to return, the guests are waiting anxiously. They can’t wait to celebrate Charles and Cara and taste all the delicacies carefully prepared by the chef of Villa Cipressi.

During dinner, on a marvelous veranda overlooking the lake, the couple’s closest relatives are ready for the classic ‘speeches’ in which they dedicate beautiful words to the newlyweds and recall exciting moments of their adolescence spent together.

A catwalk of glittering stars accompany Charles and Cara at the cutting of the cake. It was dark, but the party continues. In one of the historic rooms of Villa Cipressi, one of Charles’ dearest friends sets up his dj-set!


After the story of Andrea and Giulia,┬áCara and Charles won a score of 83 points, making me immediately re-enter the TOP 5 of the ranking that rewards internationally wedding and non-wedding photographers who took part in the WPPI’s the Annual contest, in the ‘single wedding photographer’ category.

Thanks to Giovanna Bettega and her staff for organizing the event.

Once again a test to learn, and grow.

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