Francesco Brunello

Dave + Yves

Engagement - Varenna

Love moves around the world, above all in Varenna.

Dave and Yves are organizing their wedding. They have decided to create an – amazing – personalized graphic for the participations.

They will be married in Belgium in September, but Italy, and Varenna, is their ‘city of the heart’.

Blue eyes and blond hair both, from Belgium dreamed our dear beautiful Italy as a background of some shots to be used for their big day.
And Varenna is one of the most loved locations by foreigners (Tiffany and Raimond have also chosen the lake of Varenna for some shots during their trip to Italy before returning to Singapore as well as Kishian).

It was May, and this was a turbulent May, with many storms. That Monday was not very favorable, but we had to make the most of the light we had. Dave and Yves landed in Bergamo early in the morning and the following day they would return to Belgium.

But as always, Varenna and its magical views, has been able to surprise us. He welcomed us a sunny afternoon that, at sunset, allowed to make magical shots, and also the perfect shot for the great day of Dave and Yves. And with great emotion and surprise, a few months later Dave and Yves sent us their participation, thanking us.

Thanks to you Dave and Yves.

I hope your guests love this photos. I hope you too.

And you, what do you think about this engagement photo session?

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