Francesco Brunello

Emanuele e Elisabetta


Milan travels towards the future – it’s like a fast carousel – and it doesn’t always wait for you: you either love Milan and can’t do without it or you hate it and want to escape quickly.

However, those who decide to stay are loved by it: do you know the oxymoron Odi et Amo by Catullus? Here, the meaning is more or less the same!

Emanuele and Elisabetta have decided to come back and Milan has welcomed them very well!

We met in my photography studio a couple of years ago for a little photo engagement service and we all promised to see each other again.

A few months after their wedding, Emanuele and Elisabetta called me to ask if we could meet for a coffee.. and a new engagement photo service.

As you know by now, my brain started thinking about something else and I kept Emanuele waiting for a while on the phone who thought I wasn’t listening to him or the line was dead: I was already thinking about where to do their engagement photo shoot, I hadn’t forgotten the promise we had a few years ago!

I love telling people, I love telling their details, their fragility, what makes them unique and what makes me stand out from others.

Photograph is not to take.
Photograph is to give.

Your point of view, your vision of the world at that moment. He has to show what he likes and what he doesn’t like: photograp is an act of knowledge.
Of himself.

Whether it’s running or slower, stop if you need to but keep traveling towards the future!


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