Francesco Brunello

Erika + Shady

Ex - manicomio di Limbiate

You will have understood the key-word of my photo shoots is personalization. Each of you has a different story to tell, whether it’s a family shooting, a wedding or an engagement. In this regard, do you remember Edoardo and Martina’s engagement service?

When Erika wrote me that she wanted to do an engagement photo session with her boyfriend, my head immediately began to think and imagine. Erika told me that she had wanted to write to me for some time but she hadn’t done so yet because she was embarrassed. After this little ‘confession’ I didn’t want to disappoint her. I wanted to exceed her expectations, mine and yours!

Shady lives away from home for his passion, football and Erika wanted to give him a gift.

Just as I was scrolling through the photos of my Instagram feed, I came across a shot of an ex-manicomio in Limbiate, near Milan. It is an abandoned place, visited by few, where nature has made its course occupying part of the interior spaces and in the past it was the home of many ‘greats’.

I asked Erika and Shady if they trusted me and they answered without hesitation and so I said to myself – and I said – ‘Let’s dare!’.

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