Francesco Brunello

Sam and Thania

Duomo cathedral

What better way to end a trip to Italy than walking through the pulsating streets of Milan and attending a show at the majestic Teatro alla Scala? Thania, with her love for music and the stage, could only be thrilled at the idea of attending a show in one of the most renowned theaters in the world, the Teatro alla Scala: Sam couldn’t wait to accompany Thania in this adventure.

And so, as the lights dimmed and the orchestra played the first notes, Thania felt right at home. The sound of the opera that filled the room transported her to a world of emotions, a world in which she herself is used to reigning with her powerful and engaging voice.

They told me that they were walking among the shops in Times Square in New York while they were looking online for a photographer specializing in engagement in Milan: upon their engagement they treated themselves to a trip to northern Italy and, after Verona, they would come to discover the beating heart of my city.
After a few exchanges of messages, the big day finally arrived and at 6.30 sharp we were in front of the Duomo: I, who never get used to it, was as enraptured as they were who saw it for the first time. We started our engagement photo shoot through the streets of Milan from here.

With a satisfied smile on their lips, Sam and Thania said goodbye to Milan, ready to return to New York, aware that their trip to this extraordinary city would remain in their memories forever and that it was not a goodbye but see you on the next trip!


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