Francesco Brunello

Leticia + Marcelo

Curitiba - Brasile

For this engagement in Brazil we have to start from a journey. Yes, a suitcase, a plane ready to go and a trip over the clouds; First Europe, Africa and then the Atlantic Ocean to land in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. Ah, I forgot: A 4-hour time zone, which we know, can always prove our tiredness! We are in Brazil right now, colors, sounds, nature, people moving, life.

I studied that Curitiba, the capital of Paraná, is considered one of the most metropolitan areas of all Brazil; Strongly cosmopolitan, is now known for the care of its urban environment, its streets and its colors. I decide to take a ride, I find myself immediately immersed in the city, a green metropolis. Painted skyscrapers, stunning graffiti, expanse of green and colorful flowers, moving cars, pedestrians, bicycles and buses make this city alive. Flora, lights and colors, Curitiba is considered one of the most prosperous, well-organized brazilian cities with the highest quality of life. I immediately understand why.

I think of an idea, I want to try it. If we did the service on the street? Should we photograph the life of this city? What about the portraits of this city’s daily life? Let’s take a step at a time, first we meet Leticia and Marcelo.

We meet in the center, Leticia and Marcelo are a young Brazilian couple (like Carolina and Fernando who crowned their dream last September in Villa Aritmino, the so-called Villa of the 100 Camini in Florence) resident in Curitiba. They are very kind and at first I feel a bit of shyness and embarrassment. Let’s talk a bit, I put them at ease, and they ‘melt’, start laughing and ask me questions. I’m sure I can immortalize their looks, their gestures, their promises of love.

I tell them that I would like to photograph ‘in the street’, ‘por la rua’. I would like to take a walk, immortalize the daily life of a young couple in a gigantic green metropolis full of colors and life.

They are excited, they will have to be themselves, they will have to laugh, excite, cry, marvel at anything and everything. I show Leticia and Marcelo in their Brazilian city, Curitiba. I tell you a story, a street engagement in Brazil.

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