Francesco Brunello

Marco + Silvia

Castello Durini - Alzate Brianza

Castello Durini is synonymous with elegance, charm and refinement. Castello Durini is a residence whose origins date back to before the year 1000, it is an architectural complex that leaves everyone breathless – even its view!

As soon as Marco and Silvia entered the studio, I immediately felt a great empathy with them. I enjoyed listening to them, knowing more about them, what they like, what they love most about each other.

Marco immediately presented himself as a very introverted, polite and refined person.
Silvia, very shy, told me about their love born in school. They grew up together, dreamed of their future and, today, are ready to share their lives forever.

Simplicity is the watchword, as it was for Alessandra and Alessandro at Castello Durini!

There is a village of undisputed beauty, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como halfway between Como and Bellagio, where nature is the absolute protagonist.

Meanwhile at Castello Durini the team of La Casa dei Sapori banqueting is setting up the buffet for the aperitif. Many relatives, arriving from southern Italy for the occasion, can’t wait to start dancing!!! Working with a trusted team is always a good starting point; Alessandro and Chiara’s wedding at Villa Perego was also followed by the La Casa dei Sapori team and by Katia – the result is always guaranteed!
Working in a team means having respect for duties, tasks and, above all, people. Teamwork involves patience, kindness, and empathy. Working as a team means sharing.

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