Francesco Brunello

Francesco + Emma

Villa Cipressi - Varenna

Villa Cipressi is one of the most suggestive hotels in Varenna; Varenna, lying on the eastern shores of Lake Como, is a charming fishing village, to be visited slowly, strolling romantically along the lakefront to admire its colors..

And speaking of slowness, have you ever tried to enjoy the luxury of going slow? Or, at the very least, stop running?

Emma and Francesco would have got married in the afternoon with a civil ceremony right inside Villa Cipressi (do you remember the wedding of Cara and Charles?) But, precisely on the issue of slowness, I anticipated the times a lot to enjoy that panorama, to browse inside the location, even if I already knew it, and find new spaces to photograph and also to enjoy a chat with Emma and Francesco, before they were literally overwhelmed by the frenzy of preparations.

I had no doubts that the dress chosen by Emma reflected her elegance but I was not aware that for the choice of her dream dress, she had relied on Gabriella from Yoliah Spose: Yoliah is an angel, her angel, they (Gabriella and Yoliah) are inseparable and once you enter in Gabriella’s world it is difficult to leave it except with a single idea in mind, wanting to wear one of her dresses, romantically bohemian.
Francesco, of course, could not be outdone: he chose a tailored suit designed for and with him together with the team of Linneo, an artisan tailoring workshop in Brescia.

The garden of Villa Cipressi thus becomes the stage of Francesco and Emma who, amid the broken voice of emotion, promise each other eternal love – and also not to be always late!

Just the time to let your hair down, do a little, overwhelming, change of clothes that it’s time to go wild to the rhythm of music, and Russian vodka!


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