Francesco Brunello

Martina + Edoardo

waterfall in love

Far from the chaos of our city, we find ourselves immersed in a small piece of earthly paradise for a special engagement. The cold light of the early morning have made this corner of nature even more rugged and wild, between imposing rocks and water features.

Edoardo and Martina will get married next week, but they wanted some engagement shots before their big day. Immersed in so much beauty, from Edoardo and Martina I could not expect shots so different from those I will show you.
Two young guys, full of love and full of life who trusted and entrusted to me.

I will have said this several times, I don’t like reading but I love watching movies and TV series, paintings and art: a few days ago I read on Facebook a post that told of kisses in the art, an instant that is immortalized by becoming eternal. From the emblematic Kiss by Klimt to the more modern oxymoronic Kiss by Magritte, from the primordial moment that precedes the kiss in Amore and Psyche by Canova to the kiss symbol of freedom by Albert Eisenstaedt in New York; and so, I believe that the kiss in the paradise of Edoardo and Martina is one of the most significant shots of this service.

I have to admit that I didn’t imagine what the result would have been, but it also left me breathless. This service is one of those that I will surely bring to my heart, like that of Leticia and Marcelo who allowed me to experience the city of Curitiba in Brazil.

Like Dave and Yves, Edoardo and Martina also talked about themselves, their story and their love, and I was there with them.

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