Francesco Brunello

"love is the way"

It is one of the greatest responsibilities behind this work: keeping the memory alive.

Did you know that the word “memory” comes from the Latin “re-cordis” and means, using the words of Eduardo Galeano, “to go over the parts of the heart”? And that the anatomical heart represents a person’s willingness to unreservedly show his emotions and her feelings?

The heart is a very particular muscle of our body. It not only keeps us alive, autonomously, but it reacts to the events that happen to us, increasing its pace or slowing down. The heart is, therefore, a powerful muscle, but delicate and precious at the same time. This symbol represents precisely the duality between strength and fragility, between independence and vulnerability. Since the dawn of time, the heart has been the center of emotions and memories.

It all started like this, almost for fun: unconsciously my brain rationalized my thoughts. I asked myself for a long time, however, before simplifying my thoughts and ideas into the symbol of the heart, a simple question. Why is the symbol of the heart today an icon associated with love and, in general, with feelings? I share, among many others, the most plausible explanation of the brain stimulus theorized in 2011 by Milton Glaser, creator of the famous I ❤️ (love) NY logo, who explained its popularity with the fact that “to understand it, the brain translates three elements between which the heart represents an experience”.
Most of the time, before observing something in detail, we get an idea of what it is, “before we understand, we feel”, writes Kevin Roberts in Lovemarks. It is only a symbol, it is true, but it is so immediate and full of meaning that it takes on real value: its formal simplicity and its visual essence allow the message to arrive directly and without background noise, precisely because it has no of each stylistic artefact. I wanted to communicate something extremely complex, in a simple way, I wanted to talk about feelings, in the simplest way possible.


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