Francesco Brunello

ANFM 2019

2° posto foto singola

After the awarding of the album of the year 2019, Anfm – Association of Wedding Photographers Nation has completed the contest ANFM 2019 ‘single photo’. During the last year, each member of the association had participated in the competition by sending what he considered the best photo in the categories that the competition proposed as a decisive moment, portrait of the bride, humor, light, children or ceremony.
Each assigned photo assigned a score. The total sum of the checks observed defined a ranking in which I am positioned in 2nd place with five photos.

And I have to say thank you to
Maria and Alessandro, awarded in the DECISIVE MOMENT category,
Edoardo and Martina, awarded in the ENGAGEMENT category,
Sara and Piero, awarded in the LIGHT category,
DETAIL Claudio and Emanuela, awarded in the category

The sum of the votes assigned by the individual photos in the contest ANFM 2019 ‘single photo’ and the album of the year therefore compiled a final ranking, that of the GRAND AWARD, in which they are classified in 4th place.

This season is over, our country is definitely not experiencing good times, they are perhaps the ugliest of the last 50 years but, I, I can’t help but see these goals as a (re) starting point, which we hope will just come possible, to be able to embrace you all, one by one.

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