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Emanuela + Claudio

Villa Frua - Stresa

I met Claudio and Emanuela over ten years ago and on their wedding I wanted to exceed their expectations and, yes, mine too!

A few days after their wedding MyWed reports their story as Best of the week and Emanuela, immediately afterwards, comments on the post I published on my Facebook page as follows: “We chose you also before the wedding date and everything this only confirms our thoughts on your skills and good job! “. Thank you so much Claudio and Emanuela for this words.

We arrive at Villa Frua and we make a tour of the location to find the most hidden corners of the villa before starting the preparations.  Villa Frua dates back to 1912 and both inside and outside, the Art Nouveau architectural elements coexist in harmony with period furnishings and contemporary Italian design.

Villa Frua and its style were the inspiration for the special preparations of Emanuele and Claudio while Roberta and the staff of SpazioBianco Wedding were finishing, in the immense park of the villa, the preparation for dinner under the tensile structure that repaired the invited by the typical summer storm of a very hot day in the middle of July.

Everyone is ready to move to Rocca Borromea di Arona, from where the view of Lake Maggiore is breathtaking: an architectural and landscape jewel that has been included in the FAI‘s “Places of the heart”. Here, all the guests immersed in an immense green space overlooking Lake Maggiore anxiously await the arrival of Emanuela together with her dad, who has never stopped smiling for the whole day.

As soon as we returned to Villa Frua, gray clouds covered the sky and hidden the sun, but friends and relatives, with screams, choirs, whistles and laughter, warmed the atmosphere and made the clouds and rain change their mind, leaving room for clear skies to be able to cut the cake in a corner of the park of Villa Frua carefully set up by SpazioBianco, which transported everyone to an enchanted place.

As always, when I am also personally involved as a photographer, as for Andrea and Giulia, co-founder of Feelmore Videos, colleagues and great friends, or for Edoardo and Luana, my ‘neighbor’,  the tension is high and my only goal is to amaze and exceed all expectations.

Now, it’s up to you!

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