Francesco Brunello

Maria + Alessandro

Villa Patrizia - Magnago

The sky was overcast but I hoped until the last that in the afternoon some warm sunshine would come out.  I always say, even rainy days can give us great emotions, as it happened for Valeria and Francesco.

Maria already knew everything about the soggiorno fotografico, how and what I do. Certain loves, it is really true, are born at first sight. It was love at first sight, just like the one with Matteo and Roberta.

Maria is with her baby. Alessandro is at his parents’ house with his brother who tries to ease the tension. Alessandro is very tense and also struggles to speak. We chat and while we wait for the uncles and cousins ​​who for the occasion took the plane from Sicily. Alessandro wears his suit, a very elegant black tuxedo by Dolce & Gabbana.

At Mary’s house, Mom and Dad observe their daughter excitedly while wearing the dress of her dreams: the time has come! Maria, Alessandro is waiting for you at the altar.
And as soon as they leave the church there is an explosion of rice and confetti!

Just enough time to get into the car that, unfortunately, the bad weather starts to be felt: the rain has blocked all the guests on the highway who arrived in cold locations and with their clothes soaked with water. The staff of Villa Patrizia shelters everything: because of the rain the aperitif will take place inside the enchanting ‘white’ rooms of the exclusive location.

Villa Patrizia is an enchanting colonial-style residence and the statue of “Italia” is kept inside, a symbol of good luck for the new couples: despite the rain, the party can start!

The clouds give way to some timid rays of sunshine that allow us to take a walk in the private park of the Villa Patrizia and it is now time to enter the room, where all the guests are waiting for Alessandro and Maria with their glasses at the top, ready for toast.

While inside the Villa Patrizia soft lighting and loud music have made everyone, from the smallest to the biggest, unleash the outside staff is preparing for the spectacular cutting of the cake by the pool.

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