Francesco Brunello

4th Wedding of the Year - ANFM

Palazzo Gnudi - Bologna

During the ANFM CONVENTION 2019 at Palazzo Gnudi, were also presented the winners of the Wedding of the Year 2018 contest.

For the first time during an ANFM convention, the Wedding of the Year contest was divided into two competitions. One involving individual photographers. On in with were presented projects of several photographers.

In the jury Valentina Di Mauro, Fabio Mirulla, Sara Munari, Marco Onofri and Gianmarco Vetrano. Flavio Bandiera, as president, controlled that everything was done according to the rules. More than 100 photographers participating in the Wedding of the year – single photographer category. More than 50 projects presented in the Wedding of the year – multiple photographer category. Each project presented was given a score that corresponded to parameters such as technique, creativity and imagination. The best twenty projects were passed to the next vote. Next day whit the master Maurizio Galimberti, the same albums were re-evaluated, to then leave the final verdict during Saturday night’s Grand Gala in Bologna.

The score.

Chase + Mary – A perfect illusion gets a score of 87 points for the excellent use of imagination, skill and technique. Thus, Chase + Mary – A perfect illusion ranks 4th in the national ranking of wedding photographers in the Wedding of the year 2018 contest.

Chase + Mary – A perfect illusion is a four-handed photographic project realized together with Alessio Meisiano who accompanied me during the trip to Iceland: a relationship, of friendship and professionalism, which started over 10 years ago and which is consolidated more and more, day after day. Thanks Alessio for this collaboration and for helping me in this project. A fourth place, Alessio, who also carries your name. Thanks also to Chase and Mary – and Tammy – who allowed me to be there with them and to work on this project.

Once back in Italy, as always happens, I download my SDs, perform all the back-up copies of the ritual and in the meantime I look forward to the various copies and take a quick look at the work done: 8500 shots and a project that deserves attention appropriate. Iceland and its countless panoramas have been the backdrop for a special day: Chase and Mary have crowned their dream facing the lake and behind them the mountains.

Chase + Mary – A perfect illusion

At the cinema, during the classic 20 minutes of advertising before the film began, the Meridiana spot, which becomes AirItaly, and then the beginning of the film: A star is born, with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Back in the studio and on Spotify I start the playlist of Lady Gaga: Perfect Illusion, single from the American singer released in 2016, reminds me of the perfect idea, or rather, the perfect illusion.

The spot presented by Meridiana goes back to the work of Stephen McMennamy. He is the first art director known for his photo-combos. These are simple details of completely different photos superimposed so appropriately that they become a unique image, beyond out of what had never been thought up to now, creating a new emotional meaning.

And with those 8500 shots we have created more than 150 combinations, trying to keep the emotional meaning of each photo, and above all to keep the storytelling of the day. 35 scattered spreads, combined to create a story. Chase + Mary – A perfect illusion.

More than 90 days to study, together with Gaia, the various couplings. They had to surprise and tell all with the same force the story of Chase and Mary. A game of illusion to give new meaning to photographs.

After sixth place in the contest photographer of the year 2018, another milestone, perhaps one of the most challenging, which together with the two top 5 rankings in the WPPI international ranking, make me concentrate even more, day after day, on my work.