Francesco Brunello

matt e melissa

Isole Faroe

Untouched, unexplored, incredible. A trip to the Faroe Islands is a journey through time, a return to the wilderness, a journey of self-discovery. It is a journey through landscapes, places, unique sensations and emotions and at the same time it was a search for my place in the world.

The Faroe Islands are a place in their own right, which must be visited on “tiptoe”. In a few days I learned to be patient – usually I’m not – and respect for the weather, the rain and the wind. Maybe this is what makes this archipelago so mysteriously fascinating: the unpredictability.

The flight from Denmark is short but the landing seems eternal: I was impatient – in fact – to discover those lands and finally meet Alessio!

A small group of houses in the village beyond which there is a mountain, high, imposing, immense, almost 900 meters high. A thousand kilometers of coastline and a sea that is always just a stone’s throw away. The clouds on the valley ends abruptly: it seems that the village is suspended, balanced over the sea. A roaring waterfall. The valley seemed all ours and the animals. Deep and silent.

Expectations and result.
What you expect and what will be.

I admit it: even though I felt that photography was exactly what I wanted to do at that moment, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place, maybe I was afraid of not being able to exceed expectations – I was more worried than my own expectations because Matt’s, Melissa and Alessio’s too, I knew I could at least equalize them. Alessio told me that the English call this sensation airtime and it is that sensation, full of adrenaline, which drives sportsmen to literally leap into the void.

Today, I realized there was nowhere else in the world I wanted to be at that moment.


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