Francesco Brunello


Las Vegas

<span class="Y2IQFc" lang="en">WPPI is an international competition in which wedding and non-wedding photographers from all over the world take part in different categories. Each project, on which the different photographers have probably spent a large part of the year, will be evaluated and judged by world-renowned judges, establishing a ranking of the TOP 5.

And after the story of Andrea and Giulia, who finished in the TOP 5 in the ‘wedding multiple photographer’ category, today I show you the story of Charles and Cara.
The two of them also ranked among the TOP 5 in the ‘wedding single photographer’ category.

The story of Cara and Charles in the ‘wedding single photographer’ category wins 83 points, evaluation for ‘skill and technique’.

One surprise after another: after having placed myself among the TOP 5 in the WPPI ‘wedding multiple photographers’ category, it is with great emotion that I am once again assigned for the second time one of the five places in the TOP 5 WPPI at international among portrait and wedding photographers.

A dutiful thanks for this achievement goes to Giovanna Bettega, event planner who has taken care of every detail of this story with particular attention.

Once again it is a way to test yourself, to show your work, to be judged, to get inspiration, but above all to learn. And to grow: a great starting point for this new working season.