Francesco Brunello


Las Vegas

This is the story of Andrea and Giulia, dear friends and great collaborators for more than 10 years, and co-founders of Feelmore Videos.

Gabriele Latrofa is a great wedding photographer from the province of Vercelli, as well as a great friend who supported me and with whom I have already made several weddings (here, in the splendid Camerino, the story of Marco and Alessandra).

After a design study, the story of Andrea and Giulia arrives overseas, precisely in Las Vegas.

WPPI’s The Annual is an international competition in which wedding and non-wedding photographers from all over the world take part in different categories. There are very specific rules for presenting your projects and internationally renowned judges will evaluate the work of the photographers.

During the days in which the competition took place, the judges viewed and evaluated all the projects presented.

The love story of Andrea and Giulia is awarded 85 points, evaluation for ‘the excellent use of imagination, skill and technique’. The story of Andrea and Giulia is among the TOP 5 internationally alongside names of the caliber of David Bastianoni and Beatrici Moricci. It was an unexpected joy because of the simplicity of the project.

On the evening of the awards ceremony (4:00 am in Italy) I had the official status of being among the TOP 5 of the annual competition organized by WPPI.

A way to prove yourself, to show your work, to be judged, to be inspired and to learn. And to grow: a great starting point for this new working season.


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