Francesco Brunello

ANFM 2019

3° posto album dell'anno

Every year I dedicate part of my time to developing new projects. The goal is always to go beyond me. This year I partecipate at ANFM contest.

The awards ceremony tooks place in a video conference. Today, we have the winner projects.

I first met Lorenzo and Selina via Skype and we only met ‘face to face’ on the wedding day. I always want to exceed the expectations of ‘my couples’. Sometimes, it happens that I have a strange feeling. It makes me tremble with the desire to immediately see what I have just done. Often, it happens that my brain creates a connection between each photos. It leads me to immediately lock myself in the studio to design a story.

The black and white is to uniform the reading. The combinations of the photos on the same page are made (and redone) by contrast, by assonance, by similitudes, by metaphors. I like you imagine the rest of the story.

Lorenzo and Selina’s album ranked third place in the category album of the year – multiple photographers . This album of the year makes sense of those days (and those nights) with eyes down on the computer to plan that story, to make it leave a mark. Whatever.

Thanks to Selina and thanks Lorenzo, for trusting me.
I also have to thanks my friends and colleagues from Nd-Studio for this contact.
Thanks Simone, for her me.

Do you really love this project too?

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