Francesco Brunello

Mattia + Rossana

Paghera Green Events

Paghera Green Events is a unique place, one of those that when you see them for the first time your brain – and your heart – begins to daydream.

We are at Lake Garda, precisely to Lonato, where Elisa and all the Paghera Green Events staff welcomes us with open arms.
Paghera Green Events is synonymous with beauty and collaboration and this means only one thing: guaranteed result!

Yes, you are right, I have not yet tell you about the protagonists of this story.

Mattia, statuesque physique, brown with dark eyes and Rossana, long and wavy hair, petite, with a very narrow waist, had to postpone their dream – always with open eyes – but, in the end, they did not miss just nothing!

A riot of details.
Mattia’s twins, handmade reusing an old memory of his father.
Rossana parfume’s, with scents that immediately recalled the salty air and the waves of the sea crashing against the cliffs rocks or her shoes, signed Jimmy Choo – go and feast your eyes by looking at this article in which 10 luxury fashion houses redesign Cinderella’s shoes in a modern way.
Then the perfect light and the music orchestrated, of course, by the Victor Music team.

Please, go slow: writing takes time, we are always in trouble, sometimes the words are not enough or we do not find them, we do not know which ones to use and it is precisely for this reason that, therefore, I leave my dreams in the hands of my photography – for open eyes!