Francesco Brunello

another yesterday

Villa Gaia Gandini - milano

How are good ideas born? This is the question at the center of the survey carried out by WeTransfer, a service for sending large files via the internet. The company turned to its main users – artists, designers, musicians, photographers and performers – in an attempt to identify a ‘formula’ of creativity. Over 10,000 professionals from 143 countries (including Italy) attended, answering a few questions about their creative process.
Most creatives have revealed that their best source of inspiration is their daily life.

So I asked myself, where does the inspiration come from? I’ve come to a conclusion: it comes from our curiosity about the life that surrounds us. Ideas come when we face new situations, when we step out of our comfort zone, when we ask ourselves questions about what we see, when we pay attention to details and people. We should change direction. We should sleep on the other side of the bed, taking on new perspectives, getting off at the stop before or after, going to see that movie we would never have watched, spying, investigating, asking ourselves questions and inventing answers.

Just in a moment of coffee break sitting at the table of my favorite bar, while I was looking at Instagram, feeling (but not listening) the chaos around, I came across Nina’s Instagram page (@nina.barnini).

Nina stated that she doesn’t have an educational background as an artist but she creates collages it makes her feel like one. She creates collages because it makes her happy.
Through her collages – visual poetry as she defines them – she speaks of sensitivity, of life, of the secrets and fears that everyone carries within, of emotions and of love: that everyone finds their own meaning in them, sometimes impossible to express in words.

It’s the same for me: sometimes I find it hard to put into words what I feel. Photography has been, especially this year – but it has always been – a medicine: photography, and art in general, connects us with our emotions, conscious and unconscious – precisely.

Thus was born a project that today is fixed high in my heart: this project represents my thoughts today. At times disconnected, it’s true, that I struggled to rationalise, that I struggled to transcribe but of which, always today, I am finally fully aware.

Being aware means perceiving and, as always, knowing how to share it.