Francesco Brunello


Photographer Of The Year 2015

This year the ANFM CONVENTION took place in Bologna at Palazzo Gnudi. An event that lasted 4 days, which saw the participation of almost 200 photographers from all over Italy to follow the Masters of Wedding Photography and the ANFM Awards 2015.

On the first day we witnessed the live voting of the “Wedding of the year 2015” competition. More than 100 albums viewed and voted by 5 judges with prestigious names, Franco Milani, Daniele Vertelli, Julian Kanz, David Bastianoni, Luigi Rota. The new open-door voting formula was extraordinary; Rino Cordella win “Album of the year 2015” tells us about a beautiful wedding photographed in the Big Apple.

David Bastianoni tells us about his vision of wedding photography, showing us breathtaking images and extraordinary stories, making us dance on the chairs with the song by Lorenzo CherubiniEvolutionary tension“.

On the third day we met the “hateful” and “unbearable” Settimio Benedusi, a great fashion photographer, who, contrary to what I knew, amazed, taught and enlightened us, making us see the nuances and languages ​​of modern photography. And finally, we spent the afternoon with the surprising Monica Silva, a world-famous portrait painter, who took us with her to the set showing us some of her secrets.

Finally we went to the Grand Gala presented by Daniele Vertelli and David Bastianoni and the ANFM President, Marco Miglianti.

Daniele started reading winner names, I heard my name being pronounced. Yes, my name. I entered the Italian top ten alongside the big names in Italian wedding photography, Federico Testi, Nunzio Bruno and Andrea Corsi.

For me it is a 4th place that tastes like victory. It is my revenge, it is the sign of having chosen the right path when I opened my studio. This is not an end point, it is my new starting point.

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