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Folder Box con 5  presets per Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop® di Brunello Francesco

Collection WATERFALL 49,90





The Waterfall collection is a suits of 5 presets thought for professional photographers who love color photography.

Warm and golden colors for the skin in perfect harmony whit che surrounding nature, intense shadows and contrasts to give the images a unique three-dimensionality.



The flagship preset that give the suite its name, give a complexion of brown tones, excellent for outdoor photography or with latin-origin people; it creates a great detachment with the environment by giving it a blue and green color tone.



This preset was born in a rainy wedding in early July, and thanks to this post-production I have not given up on having warm and engaging images but at the same time soft and delicate as every bride dreams.

Yellow Leaves

The strength of this presets is represented by, as I said, ‘pastosità’ created by the mix of shadows, curves and blacks, giving three-dimensionality to the subjects, surrounded by nature with almost autumn colors; one of my favorites, thanks also to its adaptability!


Brown is a preset designed for wedding at the sea – no, not under the sun-, on those days with a gray sky full of clouds; emphasizes the elements and at the same time enhances the complexion, giving it a beautiful brown color.


Dance is a preset that express its beauty in the beautiful days of July and August, warm and with a beautiful sunset; strong light and vivid colors are its primary characteristics; it takes its name from the couple of that wedding in which this present was born, which are two professional dancer.