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Folder Box with 4 presets for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop® by Brunello Francesco

Collection DESIREE 39,90





The Desiree Collection, a delicate name like the black/and/white that I created for my images, is designed to give a velvety touch to your work.

Born to fit the Waterfall Color collection, they have some variants that make them unique.


Waterfall black and white

Born to be used with Waterfall Color collection, it has marked shadows, low lights but strong points of light that emphasize the human figure.



In memory of old rolls, this preset gives a retro touch to the images, emphasizes them, gives the right grain which mixed the right shadows and curves and gives a pleasant final effect to the photos.



Born in a wedding in Versilia, sea and weather inspired me by giving the images brightness and brilliance, keeping shadows tightly closed and low lights to appreciate clothes and faces.




Dedicated to couple portraits, with its high lights and washed out blacks, it gives clarity and softness to the image – an effect almost from another era.