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Folder Box with 5 presets for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop® by Brunello Francesco

Collection EARTH






The Earth collection is a 5 presets’ suite designed for professional photographers who love color photography.

Warm and golden colors on the skin for a beautiful contrast with the surrounding environment, intense shadows and contrast to give the images a unique trree-dimensionality.

Inside you find Ring, Sunflower, Twins, Madness and Earth preset.




I love warm Colors of the late Summer Sunset: Ring preset gives vivid and saturated Colors to the Skin, the Sun is colored with an intense yellow.


Sunflower preset is delicate but full-bodied; skin turn to an intense yellow and has marked shadow.
The name is dedicated to Francesca, with a strong but very introverted personality.



This is one of my favourite presets: it adapts to all lighting conditions. The mix between curve, shadows and contrasts gives strength to the subject.
Its name is dedicated to Gabriele (friend and professional photographer) and Elisa who were waiting for their two ‘twins’ during this beautiful shooting.




Erika and Shady represent the crazy young love: their style is youthful, street, wants to refer to the urban style of avant-garde American films.



Skin tones, basically, turn red, the colors of nature (blue and green) blend together with the petroleum color that ‘floods’ the photograph.