Francesco Brunello

Maria + Ugo

Lake Garda

It’s 8.15 am and I just landed at Orio al Serio Airport in Bergamo, returning from the Federico and Paulina’s wedding in Barcelona. I immediately get in the car to go home and to wait for Andrea Giovannoni of Feelmore Videos, who as always collaborates with me for this wonderful services.

A shower and I have to rest … Today it’s a big day for Ugo & Maria. We road for about two hours to reach Gardone Riviera, a beautiful town on Lake Garda. Lake Garda always offers great photographs but every time I have to work even harder make the most this enchanting place offers.

Here we are, at Torre San Marco, directly overlooking Lake Garda. A perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. As soon as we arrive we go to Mary’s room, where we find her best friends and bridesmaids. The atmosphere is already sparkling, the girls are spectacular. They animate this moment and calm down Maria, that seems to be a little nervous.

The groom is friendly and gets involved with our shots. His tattooed body offers us many photographic ideas and reveals some nuances of this couple’s life. Now, is time to go out. Everyone is ready and everything is set to perfection and framed by a beautiful flowers arc.

Maria and her bridesmaids takes the motor boat to reach Ugo among the guests applause. On the mainland, Maria finds her father waiting for her to reach the altar where, impatiently, Ugo is waiting for her with their two little girls.
From now, It’s a river emotions!

The ceremony ends and we have time for a boat ride for the couple photos. Riccardo Ferrarese, the great photographer of Santhià, a friend and colleague helps me in this wonderful adventure. Everything is perfect, just as Mary has dreamed for months. Let’s start the party! Dance, funny moment, disco light and spectacular fireworks. We say goodby to Maria and Ugo and thank them for making us live a day so full of real emotions… Good Vision!

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