Francesco Brunello

Erika + Alessandro

Villa Caproni - Varese

I met Erika at Federica’s wedding in 2014. She is sparkling, with her character so sunny and with an engaging smile. But I still did not know that the next year she would marry and they wuold choose me for their wedding … and so on March, Alessandro, Erika’s boyfriend wrote to me, asking me for an appointment.

When I arrived, Erika’s joy was uncontainable, she could not wait to get married and above all she was very sure about the photographer’s choice. My photos breached in her heart and I was very happy about this, because I could work in a more serene and more conscious way. I knew Alessandro was reserved, but happy about the choice and very helpful to give me the right space to create their story telling.

The date of their marriage was set for December 7th, therefore a winter wedding, which has the ability to give the atmosphere to the photographs and make them very impressive.

The psychedelic marriage has begun. After the “classical” Alessandro’s preparation, we moved to Erika’s house, happy and radiant, who was waiting for us with her parents, her sister and little Zoe, her dog… and one of the photos that portrays Erika with Zoe was awarded to the national ANFM “Photographer of the year” contest to the 4th place.

Everything is smooth and we go to church in Bernate Ticino where Alessandro is waiting for us, very excited. After the spectacular launch of the rice and the balloons we go Villa Caproni, a beautiful villa in Vizzola Ticino. It was early evening and the sky was dark: we had to take couple photo inside Villa Caproni and… let’s see that surprise!

A psychedelic wedding thanks also to Victor music, who has entertained guests with music and lights, as only he knows how to do it.

Everything is finished with the spectacular wedding cake momenti outdoors where the lights and the atmosphere have made it even more “psychedelic”. I thank infinitely Erika and Alessandro through these magic pictures. Good vision!

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