Francesco Brunello

Alina + Filippo

Osteria Al Ponte del Diavolo - Venezia

An intimate wedding in Venice, between Alina & Filippo, who have chosen a fabulous place for their wedding: the beautiful Torcello, a few kilometers from the Venice Lagoon.

At the end of the ceremony we took the hull which, in addition to showing us Venice from another (particular) point of view, allowed us to create unusual images of Alina and Filippo..

Once in Torcello we had dinner at the Osteria al Ponte del Diavolo and then we joined in the final toast too, wishing Alina and Filippo a happy life together!

“But when we came out, tired and dazed, from the Venice station and saw the Grand Canal and the marble palaces that touched the muddy water, that jewel of culture that swayed on the fetid and moldy canals, we suddenly understood how strong and tenacious is man and how wonderful his spirit is, and such love for humanity has awakened in us, humanity with its pains and epidemics; and we penetrated with open eyes into a dream, because Venice is the dream of every city… ”

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