Francesco Brunello

Giuditta + Jonathan


The Italian/Irish wedding of Jonathan & Giuditta took place in the beautiful Sardinia, exactly in Portoscuso, to the south of the island near Carbonia. I left Milan to Cagliari, where Daniele, was waiting for me to realize a wonderful reportage.

After about an hour we arrived in Portoscuso, a small but beautiful part of Sardinia. I arrived a few days ago in Sardinia to enjoy some sea days with Daniele, his wife and their adorable Spritz, a Jack Russell puppy.

On the morning of the wedding, we got up early and we immediately went to attend the preparation of Giuditta. The house was in “old style”, with so many details that reminded Sardinia and its lands. It was perfect as a frame for the bride’s preparation. But the moment was even more special as she was pregnant and we could notice a sweet round belly.

Shortly there came the dresser, a very nice sardinian lady. This was an exciting time because the bride chose to use her mother’s dress with small changes. The dress was of an ancient pink color with green lotus flowers, really special, delicate and definitely unique. From there, we moved to the B&B L’Albero dei Limoni, an intimate and comfortable tipically sardinian place. Jonathan, an irish boy, is a large “mane”, with a thick beard, but with a great heart.

As soon as we entered we were welcomed by the groom’s grandchildren all naked just out of the shower. It was a beautiful scene that I could not miss. I went to Jonathan’s room, who is preparing with his dad. Time is shaking and it is time to go to church. Jonathan travels alone and chooses to use a ‘Vespa’ in perfect Italian style.

The church, Nostra Signoria d’Itria, it’s really beautiful. Exterior is typically sardinian, with some recalls at the sea, such as the anchors engraved in the wood on the front doors, an important symbol that means union. The bride arrives. It’s radiant and smiling, emotion is perceived in the people faces’. Ceremony is simple but very engaging. At the launch of the rice an aunt, as a tradition, breaks a plate in front of Jonathan and Giuditta wishing them a serene future. And after the usual wishes, they “run away” in the Vespa. We reach them in front of the sea just a few kilometers from the church where we do beautiful couple photos.

At dusk we go to the location, to the elegant Hotel Lido degli Spagnoli, where we dance and celebrate all night until the wedding cake moment. A marriage that has remained in my heart and I really hope I can come back here soon to tell another love story…

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