Francesco Brunello

Esther + Bernat

Son Marroig - Mallorca

This was a great experience for me! And now I tell you their story. Everything started with Mywed, a portal hosting more than 20,000 photographers from all over the world. I was contacted by the groom’s father, Tony, who is also my dear colleague based in Mallorca.

Honored by this opportunity, few days later I met the bride and groom on Skype. A beautiful couple: he is a simple and funny spanish boy; she is a beautiful german girl. After a long chat that allowed us to know us better, we talked about the many detailsand then we had to say hello…

We are in the middle of the season and I’m preparing for the Spanish transfer. I go with my family on holiday but I find time to meet my couple. It’s July 16th. Everything is ready for this wedding in Mallorca: sun, the location… but above all the bridal couple. I go to the groom’s house, which is exactly one hour away. As soon as I arrive I get a great welcome from Tony and his wife Francesca. They let me know the family and the video maker with which I would work all day.

The groom’s house is spectacular. I did not think so much of a Mallorca. Beautiful photos and lots of smiles… the start is great, but time is shaking and it’s time to run from Esther. We head to the bride’s house: a beautiful and elegant rustic farmhouse, in the heart of the island, to the north of Palma de Mallorca.

It’s all nicer than I could imagine. Esther were dressing, the clothes hanging on a rope with custom crutches, every corner and everything in the room are a reason to take a picture. This two hours pass quickly. Son Marroig is one of the most beautiful locations in the area. Guests arrive and all compliment me for the “pacarita”, my wooden papillon.

A breathtaking view, fun, fantastic guests and a loving couple characterize this day. I could not have asked for more. The party lasted until late at night, but the memory will last forever… I hope to return soon to Mallorca for another wedding. Good vision!

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