Francesco Brunello

Alessandra + Marco

Rocca D'Ajello - Camerino

Camerino, an historical city, and shots full of Life for Marco and Alessandra. Camerino, a magical Marche city, is the backdrop for a very special day for Marco and Alessandra. The wedding day is always a great day, an unforgettable day for both couples and their guests and for Marco and Alessandra it was a day full of magic, emotions and surprises. Yes, great surprises. And now, I’ll tell you why.

I thank Marianna and Roberto (here their wedding date) who made my photography known to Marco and Alessandra. A special thanks to Andrea Giovannoni and Feelmore Videos for the shooting of this magical day.

A 500 km journey separates my photographic studio from Rocca d’Ajello, Camerino, a medieval town. An historical fortress and a magical location that overlooks the surrounding uncontaminated landscape.

The day begins a little bit dry, today is rainy, we calm down Alessandra, “Enjoy this day Ale, this is your day!”. And I promise you, emotions have not been missed. Despite the bad weather, the bride and groom preparations give us unique emotions. Alessandra, beautiful in her shyness and with eyes always shining through the magic of those moments tells us the story of her dream, that of a little girl imagining in a beautiful white dress for her big day.
Marco, thanks also to his friends who participated in his preparation, made hilarious those moments!

A ceremony of other times, immersed in the atmosphere of the Church of San Biagio, in front of the Rocca di Camerino, which rises on the ruins of an ancient 9th century abbey. After the ceremony, the overflowing roses and décor gardens create an inimitable background and a romantic atmosphere to start taking some couple photos. I want to tell you the magic that those eyes in those moments showed us.

Then, we moved into the Tower of Rocca d’Ajello and we are in a large medieval barn-style sandstone hall. It seems to have been catapulted in another century. Whispered words, smiles, tears of joy and love enclose the moment of Marco and Alessandra’s dance that open the party! The day is over, but Marco and Alessandra still have a surprise for us.

All standing at the cutting of the wedding cake, all around smiling and still excited even for this time. Marco pulls a ring out of his pocket, their guests do not understand. Marco wants to thank ‘his’ Alessandra for the most beautiful gift a man can expect. Within a few months, Marco and Alessandra will become dad and mum. Still emotions, tears, glittering eyes and applause to end this magical day full of love.

(Personally I thank Marco and Alessandra for allowing me to visit the magic Camerino, now devastated by the uncontrollable power of last year’s earthquake.)

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