Francesco Brunello

Laura + Stefano

Camp di cent Pertigh - Carate Brianza

The season has just begun (before them, the wonderful wedding of Christopher and Daphne on a warm spring day) and so Stefano and Laura can’t wait to celebrate their special day.

At Stefano’s house, a small little man is waiting for us, to celebrate mum and dad. Laura, however, is at her parents’ house and for the occasion, mother and daughter, decided to wear the same colors!

Laura is very agitated, her mother smiles and reassures Laura! It’s time to getting ready! A beautiful dress with neckline and back effect in nude lace and rhinestone applications, signed Pronovias. Soon after, the witness of Laura and her friends arrive and remain entranced at the door seeing their friend. Before going to the church, Laura goes to her grandparents, and after a few shots to capture those emotions, Laura gets in the car!

Stefano, your ‘beautiful‘ is coming!

A ceremony full of smiles and heartfelt thanks, from this special couples to their guests, who return with big handfuls of rice just outside the church.

A special wedding at the Cent Pertig Camp, the ancient details of the nineteenth-century location are the enchanting setting for a magical reception. Once you cross the threshold you enter in a magical world made of aromatic herbs, porcelains, freshly picked flowers, phrases scattered here and there and books that make your heart smile (weddingwonderland, Elena’s blog, offers many ideas for customize your wedding).

Dances and songs anticipate a moment that Laura and Stefano had kept hidden from everyone. Here comes a small cake with a candle for grandpa’s birthday!

How much do we like the surprises during the wedding! Do you remember Marco and Alessandra? They have revealed to all the guests to become parents during the cutting of the cake!

The magic light of late May and the lighted candles help us for some really special couple pictures for Laura and Stefano, who have realized their “midsummer dream”.

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