Francesco Brunello

Cristina + Pino

Grand Hotel Bristol - Stresa

We’ve already known some Pino e Cristina’s friends, we can say that we almost feel ‘family photographers’!

The whole family helps Pino and Cristina during the preparation.

Little Ludovica is getting ready with her mother, while Pino, in an elegant D Squared dress, is at home with her brother and some friends!

Cristina tells us the story of her dress, made to measure by a Calabrian designer who, given the weather in September, craftsmanship that was immediately noted as that of the Valeria’s dress, designed by Couture Hayez.

The religious ceremony, which was also attended by the little Ludovica, always alongside mom and dad, ended with an noisy exit. Every guys who work with Pino showed up outside the church with tow trucks, cars and motorcycles honking all over the city and wishing a good life to the new married couple!

You can see some rays of sunshine, and with a smile on our lips we move to the Grand Hotel Bristol, with the hope that the sun will keep to take some pictures of couple on the shore of the beautiful Lake Maggiore.

Although at the Lake the weather was not as beautiful as in Milan, we propose to Pino and Cristina not to let us escape this sky without rain; we assure you that the shots have left us open-mouthed.

During the party the friends and relatives of Pino and Cristina organized fun games and jokes for the couple, and a poem, written all for them, as a wish for a good life.

We conclude the beautiful day with all eyes turned towards the sky: that every wish can become reality.

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