Francesco Brunello

Loredana + Daniele

Castello degli Angeli - Carobbio

The Castello degli Angeli is the location of Daniele and Loredana. A wonderful place, with old pink walls, beautiful chandeliers and a spectacular staircase. Everything is extraordinary and the beauty of Loredana and Daniele fits perfectly to the beauty of the Castello degli Angeli, so that for a moment it seems to me to be in a wonderful story.

But let’s start from the beginning and let me to talk about my spouses: Loredana and Daniele. We met a long time before the wedding date. They told me that they chose me for their big day between all the photographers on the site ANFM (including myself) and they immediately won me over. Loredana is beautiful, Daniele is a nice guy and together they make a perfect couple.

Finally comes the wedding day and the preparations are very nice thanks to the couple and to their friends, but the heart of the service blossoms into the church, where our spouses prove extremely romantic by looking for all the time and giving us moments of emotion so continuous loads, and do tell them in a unique way.

The ceremony ends and after the rice and the customary greetings we go to the hall of the Castle degli Angeli, where we are dedicated to the couple session. With them all seems easy and the photographs prove it.

Their wedding mood is about literature, a fine and elegant choice so much to choose to produce this post totally in black and white wedding. Every time I see their pictures I get excited. I hope to arouse the same emotions in you. Good vision.

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