Francesco Brunello

Vincenzo + Ilaria

Borgo della Rocca - Rocca Susella

Charm, attention to detail and exclusivity: these are the characteristics that struck Ilaria and Vincenzo of Borgo della Rocca. Borgo della Rocca is a stone village, almost a miniature of a medieval, fascinating and super romantic village.

As tradition dictates, Vincenzo and Ilaria slept apart the night before their wedding. Ilaria was at home with her witnesses for a pool party organized in great detail while Enzo was at the hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan with his friends.

The next day at Ilaria and Vincenzo’s house, there was a coming-and-going of people including make-up artists, hairdressers, florists and tailors. Shortly after, Ilaria’s parents, her brother and a few other friends, also arrived. Enzo, on the other hand, in the hotel ‘alone’ with his two witnesses, decided to enjoy the day. Shortly before the preparation he invited two other friends for a sandwich on the terrace before starting to prepare.

In Piazza del Carmine, in the center of Milan, all passers-by begin to get curious when they see all the guests dressed for the occasion. When Ilaria arrives, everyone begins to applaud and some even get excited.

The priest, and also Vincenzo – always with a ready joke, dampened Ilaria’s emotion and wished a happy life together with the two. In the meantime, the little ones took a nap ready to liven up the party at Borgo della Rocca! Here everything had been set up for the occasion with boho rugs, vintage sofas, antique armchairs and tables, so ruined by time, but always fascinating!

After passing the curves to get to Borgo della Rocca, all the guests enjoyed the day between a good glass of wine or a cocktail and good music! In the background, an exceptional sunset!

And then again songs, dances, surprises, and eyes to heaven, to thank also and above all, unfortunately, those who are no longer there.

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