Francesco Brunello

Cinzia + Isaia

Villa Trivulzio - Omate

Getting ready

Milan was deserted but I was ready for a day full of fun, and dancing at Villa Trivulzio!

Cinzia is already in Villa Trivulzio ready to start her make-up, meanwhile Isaia is in one of the sumptuous rooms of Palazzo Parigi in Milan. The witness would have arrived shortly thereafter because the flight from Dubai had been a few minutes late. From the beginning I realized the bond that united these three boys. Their passion was their job. They were, moreover, able to unite two totally different worlds, the dance and the world of street rally supercars. They also participated, always together, in the Gumball 3000 competition, a non-competitive road race.

One-piece dress for Isaia, inner lining of the jacket customized as well as cufflinks and shirt. Cinzia wears a dress with a heart-shaped bodice signed Nicole Spose.

Everything is ready and all the guests are intrepid to see Isaia coming.

The ceremony

Here we go, the church is literally crowded with people. Isaia is super excited so the choir (made up of some friends of Isaia and Cinzia) starts singing. Cinzia is about to enter.
I remember a particular anecdote of Don Martino. He specified that a mirror should be placed on the altar so as to show the couple what is happening behind him (this is exactly what I mean when I talk to you about the ‘need’ to work in two, so as not to lose the reactions of those behind you and who, without us, you could never see, and remember – just like for Maria, who managed to ‘see’ her dad  get excited in front of her ‘yes’).

Villa Trivulzio

The sun is in its peak of heat emission and it’s time to go for a drink!
At Villa Trivulzio everything is ready.
The little Cherì together with Francesco, the magician, entertain all the guests before they can go wild with music. Isaia and Cinzia are professional ballroom dancers worldwide. Together with their friends, their aunt Teresa and the South American band have truly created an unforgettable show!

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