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Stefano + Piumi

Villa Caroli Zanchi - Stezzano

Most of the time, a moment is enough to fall in love with Villa Caroli Zanchi.

It was love at first sight: yes, the one between Stefano and Piumi was really love at first sight. They told me that they met in Puglia about 14 years ago and have never left each other.

Even between Piumi and my photographs it was love at first sight, Stefano was a little more difficult to convince.

I breathed their love for a few days. I followed them during a little elopement right in Puglia on the occasion of their engagement anniversary. You can watch their elopement here.

Piumi and Stefano work abroad and there they created a network of friendships that followed them right up to Italy to see their dream come true.

The sparkle of the crystals of the chandeliers, the richness of the furnishings and finishes, the precious paintings and damask tapestries, the sparkle of the mirrors and gilded frames of Villa Caroli Zanchi immediately struck Stefano and Piumi. It was love at first sight once again. In fact it is really true that most of the time a moment is enough to fall in love with Villa Caroli Zanchi!

Villa Caroli Zanchi is, for me, a new discovery every time: it was also the location chosen by Vincenzo and AramĀ for their wedding. Even Aram and Vincenzo have chosen to entertain their guests with professional dancers to the rhythm of Latin American music, Piumi and Stefano were accompanied for their entry into Villa Caroli Zanchi by a group of traditional dancers.

Great emotions during the speeches of parents who wished their guys a good life. It is also tradition for them that in the morning the future spouses ‘greet’ the old house where they grew up and thank their parents for the life they have granted them.

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