Francesco Brunello

caterina + valerio

borgo della rocca - rocca susella

They have waited a long time for this moment. Although there was an obligation to wear masks and to follow strict control procedures to report all the guests and create a data archive, Valerio and Caterina were thrilled at the idea of ​​pronouncing the fateful ‘Yes, I do!’ and celebrate with everyone.

While Caterina arrives at Borgo della Rocca in Rocca Susella and awaits the mua, Valerio tells us some anecdotes from their home. The entrance wall is covered with writings and stickers left during the holidays they had during their university period. In the corridor, a hanging acoustic guitar shows us Valerio’s rock soul. Inside a small room, old posters of cult films of the past immediately refer all of us to the legendary 80s.

Meanwhile Caterina is getting ready! She really represents a princess of our times. Long black hair, light smokey eyes, nude lipstick, heels (and tennis shoes to change at the end of the evening when it’s time to go wild with the music) and a personalized denim jacket.

In front of the Basilica of San Michele Maggiore, in Pavia, we are ecstatic in front of so much beauty. Typical of the so-called Lombard Romanesque style of the century XII, Caterina makes her entrance on the notes of the soundtrack of their love story.
Scissors in hand, ribbon cutting and a shower of white petals before reaching the Borgo della Rocca, where, in the meantime, Monica and the staff of The White Rose have created a magic to the sound of candles and white roses.

Do you remember that I mentioned Valerio’s rock soul? Just after the cake was cut, Valerio also ‘unbuttoned’ his jacket and, together with his group and his brother, he let all the guests go wild to the sound of rock music!

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