Francesco Brunello

Lara + Alessandro

La Croce di Malta - Mariano Comense

The romantic wedding of Alessandro & Lara is a beautiful love story of an extraordinary family. This lovely couple have already two beautiful children; the sweetest Martina, the princess, and the little Gianluca. Ale & Lara have decided to marry to consolidate their love, to give even more strength to their family and their children.

It was a wonderful wedding, full of beautiful moments and great emotions since the morning. During the preparation of the bride, Martina e Gianluca made the atmosphere sparkling giving us unique moments.

When we arrived at Vanzago’s Old Church, we waited for Lara. It was a great time to see the family all together at the altar, the sweety Lara, Alessandro, Martina e Gianluca… a meaningfull moment.

At the time of YES, we went to La Croce di Malta Restaurant in Mariano Comense, an intimate location (however, there were a lots of well-managed spaces and many suggestive corners where we could create the “classic” couple photos).What a beautiful couple, falling il love! A party that lasted until late afternoon between dances and songs, and a magic wedding cake moment. This wonderful family will stay in my heart for a long time.

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