Francesco Brunello

marino + Nicole

Tenuta Passera - Varese

We have known each other for at least 10 years and when Alice from Tenuta Passera told me that at Nicole and Marino’s wedding there would be the staff of New Team Banqueting and the setting up would be curated by Donatella from Fabbrica di Idee, I couldn’t wait to see the final result!

I met Nicole and Marino during an event organized in Tenuta Passera and the spark immediately went off. When I am faced with love, the real one, I can not help but fall in love too.

A careful choice of all the details, from the perfume chosen by Marino, signed Nasomatto, to the 925 rings, the color of the clothes chosen for Marino, his father and also his best man and then Nicole’s dress, a mermaid covered in sequins.

Nicole and Marino wanted to have fun, they wanted their guests to have a nice day!

At Tenuta Passera, the whole set-up refers to a single element, the earth. Everything referred to that element, the colors, the materials used, the choice of fabrics and flowers: Victor Music Group, in the meantime, had already installed all the stations to make music heard even in the woods!

Trust the suppliers you have chosen, tell us your wishes so that we can help you fulfill them, one by one.

Please, dream big.

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