Francesco Brunello

Stefano e Barbara

Villa Paradeisos - Varese

At Villa Paradeisos everything is ready: Stefano and Barbara wanted their guests to experience a party. They wanted to entertain their guests, they wanted to create fun memories in their minds. Villa Paradeisos is the perfect location for Stefano and Barbara.

“This landscape of lakes and mountains is the most beautiful I have seen in Italy…” wrote Stendhal, passing through the Varese area in the 1800s and it is precisely here that Villa Paradeisos stands. Its garden is the heart and the most spectacular part of the property from which it takes its name. Paradeisos, in fact, means garden, Eden. At the Monumental swimming pool near Eden where Stefano and Barbara welcomed their guests to toast and celebrate together.

Spontaneity is certainly the most evident feature in Stefano and Barbara. Spontaneity is a virtue that helps to grow, to be independent in thought and creative in action. Stefano and Barbara represent exactly this virtue. They wanted to have fun and make sure all their guests had a good time.
Spontaneity comes from the brain but starts from the heart: the freedom to express all the power of our feelings when necessary. Without repressing them.

And speaking of the power of feelings, do you remember the wedding of Rosita and Jonas exactly in Villa Paradeisos? Between Rosita and Jonas this power has destroyed every barrier – or rather, every distance: Rosita, of Calabrian origins and raised in Italy, fell in love with Jonas, Danish, in Nigeria. They have traveled a lot, sometimes they exchanged a quick hello during a mid-way stopover, other times they had the opportunity to work together and spend the holidays together: they have always been free to express their feelings and people that they were there with there were proof of their courage and their love.

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